A Parent’s Guide to Early Learning

  • by Moe Lord
  • 2 Years ago
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The first seven years of a person’s life are called the formative years, and very much determine values, opinions and attitudes, which are the foundations of a well-balanced life. The formative years require the right input, and many parents believe that they can give their child a head start with some early learning tutoring. This is not so much academically inclined, but rather guiding the child to explore and understand, and by instilling the right values at an early age, the stage is set for success.

One on One Guidance

The modern view of learning is that it best occurs with hands on learning, and in this environment, the teacher is more of a facilitator, guiding the student to self-discovery. In a typical early learning environment, the children are all requiring attention, and very often, a child does not have the guidance at the time they need it. Group teaching is a different style to one on one, and with no distractions, the teacher (or facilitator) can focus on the student and help them to blossom.

Language Difficulties

For some children, picking up language is not so easy, and if a child does not understand everything being said and is unable to fully express themselves, this can cause a slowdown in development. Private language instruction is essential, in order to eliminate the handicap and allow the child to reach their fullest potential. If, for example, you are looking for a Sydney English tutor, there are online solutions, and whether you prefer to visit the early learning centre, or have the tutor come to your home, there are qualified and experienced tutors available at all times.

Setting the Goal

With one on one tuition, there is no curriculum, as the course is based around the student, and the tutor would spend some time with the parents and the child, in order to ascertain the objectives, before compiling a suitable course that best achieves the desired outcome. A child might, for example, lack the ability to focus on a particular thing, which is not unusual with young learners, and in such a case, the tutor would introduce activities that stimulate interest, which in turn will enable the child to focus for longer periods.

Core Subject Basics

If a 5-year old child does not fully understand the concept of addition and subtraction, any progress will be difficult to attain, and this might not be immediately apparent, but it will surely hamper the child. This would be something that a private tutor could help with, and once the child fully understands the core concept, their learning will improve.

Engage with the Child

Every parent should engage with their child and make a conscious effort to be communicative, and by talking to their homeroom teacher at regular intervals, you can build a clear picture of how your child’s learning is progressing.

As a parent, it is vital that we recognise any signs of slow development, as the formative years are critical, and with a little help from a private tutor, your child will reach their fullest potential.

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