Free Anti Ragging Helpline For College Students

  • by Moe Lord
  • 3 Years ago
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Ragging of freshmen in educational institutions by senior students is rampant in Indian Colleges. Ragging has had many shapes including assault, sexual abuse and humiliation and milder type of pressurizing juniors to complete Term Papers etc. Several steps taken by government bodies to date haven’t improved matters. Even deaths because of ragging continue being reported.

College Grants Commission provides a toll-free Helpline for coping with Ragging. Any victim of ragging can ring in the toll-free number 18001805522 or send an e-mail to: helpline at antiragging us dot internet. The helpline is going to be operational 24 hrs. Immediate action is going to be taken within 15 minutes by alerting appropriate government bodies, whether it is the mind from the educational institution, the district collector or even the police. Monitoring the progress of follow-up activities by all concerned can also be incorporated.

The Anti Ragging Guidelines from UGC defines Ragging inside a broader method to consider all activities that constitute ragging. They’re relevant to any or all educational facilities in government and public sectors including transport facilities. The culprits when found guilty might be rusticated for four sessions or fined as much as 2.5 Lakhs

The Final Court suggested establishing of these a helpline only in May 2009. The Helpline has already been in position, well in front of next academic session. UGC and also the secretary of state for HRD should be complimented about this fast move. Reports of appreciation and hopes came in all sections like Students, Educational government bodies and social activists.

The Helpline will accelerate booking of culprits, investigations and the like follow-up actions. Success within this sphere may improve compliance for college government bodies may encourage more victims to join up their complaints. It can possibly produce some transparency because the progress analysis of installments of ragging is going to be online for everybody to determine.

However, stopping ragging is possible only altering the mindset of scholars. Exactly the same students (once they go into the college) who protest and dislike ragging by seniors (They ought to – there no two opinions about this), once they become seniors, participate in ugly ragging. This can be a mental problem of and feel superior. Only consistent counseling constant vigil prevents ragging.

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