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Going Back to School after 40 – Reboot Your Education Experience

  • by Moe Lord
  • 1 year ago
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Some people may think going back to school after 40is silly. The reality is, it has been a popular choice, since time immemorial, that people have been doing it. As a matter of fact, older students have turned out to be the fastest growing demographic in post graduates, colleges or professions that requires certifications around the country. Whether it is just switching of careers, finally getting your degree done, or just learning something new, going back to school after 40 can be a great choice.

A lot of older students have anxiety and fears, this is especially true for older women. For older women, the fact of going back to school after 40 can mean that you are the “mother” figure in the classroom, the student who is older than her professor and the person who can cause students to start minding their own manners. However, for most older women, going back to school during middle age is important to overcome their fears and anxiety. After giving up their degrees years ago in order to get married, some women just want to graduate. This also happens if they want to change their careers or just wanted to learn something new, now that the children have moved out from their houses.

The Options You Can Get:

If you are an older student who wishes to return to community college, there are a lot of schools that are making it easy and convenient for you. There is a program for that particular age and for the specific career. For example, you want to upgrade your degree, you can proceed law school or medicine or CMA or CNA. For the latter professions, it is not hard for you because there are online schools accredited to such career path. All you need to do is to enroll at one of these schools and get started. Participating schools in this subject matter are learning to meet the needs of these older students by assisting them with their skills in manipulating the computer, helping them to apply for the financial aid, and helping them to obtain old transcripts. And, if you are thinking about getting back to school during middle age, you do not have to allow money as a hindrance or your fear of not getting back to school.

There are too many grants for going back to school after 40, and these include:

-There are grant programs designed for veterans if you want to spend time in the military

-A lot of colleges offer grants specifically for students who never went to school or college after their high school graduation

-Federal Grants are available for students who wish to go back to school, and this is available to all genders of any age. The most important part is that you should meet a certain income requirement and specifications.

-A lot of towns and cities offer grants for older students wishing to go back to school, so check with counselors to discover the opportunities existing.

-There are grants designed towards older women wishing to go back to school after 40, whether they already earn a degree or not

The Influence of Latest Technology

With the increase in technical innovations, more and more people are returning to school in order to keep up with the new technology, knowledge, skills, and general flow of the world. Many people who’ve been working the same job for years find that their jobs are in danger because someone younger with more up-to-date career knowledge is angling for their job. Honestly, if you run a computer software company, would you want to hold onto the person that was hired when Microsoft first released their operating system and hasn’t trained, or will they hire someone who recently graduated from college with their Masters in Computer Science or perhaps proceed as a Certified Medical Assistant or Certified Nursing Assistant? The choice is clear-you need to go back to school.

What to Wear?

Fashion trends change almost just as fast as technology but dressing casual is always in fashion. Don’t worry too much about what the young people are wearing, because most of the time they don’t care how they look and end up looking ridiculous. You will want to wear comfortable jeans, loose fitting t-shirts or sweaters, and shoes that don’t pinch your feet. Once you have your comfy clothes on, you need to make sure that you have your lanyard and ID badge holders securely placed around your neck. College campuses are beefing up security, so they will be asking to see it.

What to Bring

Going back to school for another degree or recertification requires that you at least purchase the required textbooks. These textbooks will need to be carried in something that is holding them and fastened securely to your shoulder. Here is a short list of the things you should bring with you on your return to college:

  • Textbooks
  • Backpack or messenger bag
  • Laptop and laptop carrying case
  • Writing tools (pencil is preferable for taking notes and filling in the circles on the ScanTron)
  • Calculator (or not, if your phone has an app for that)
  • Lanyard and ID badge holders (to carry your school ID in a visible and easily accessible place)
  • Change (for the vending machines)

How to Deal with New Challenges

Returning to school after a gap in time can be challenge, but there are those that meet that challenge with gusto. They apply for school, create a class schedule that works with their work schedule, or they choose to take all of their courses online. If you really want to step up and be the employee that your company needs to move forward in the new millennia, you will need to get out of your comfort zone, get back into school, hit the books, and make yourself invaluable because of the knowledge you’ve obtained and the skills you’ve learned.

College doesn’t have to be scary. Sure, the need for security is on the rise, and that lanyard and ID badge holders are necessary, but learning should never be scary, and knowledge is always in style.

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