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Reasons Why Some Foreign Students Struggle During Their Exchange Programme

  • by Moe Lord
  • 7 Months ago
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Leaving your family to study abroad at a young age is not easy. Perhaps, the longest that you have been away from your family has been a few days. Going abroad to study is not like being on a hiking trip or a slumber party at your friend’s house. You cannot go home any time you want and cry to your mom when you do not feel well. This time, you are thousands of miles away, and you need to be independent. Understanding the typical struggles of international students will prepare you.

No preparation at all

It is possible to feel surprised by the whole thing when heading to the country without any preparation. Before leaving, you need to research about the programme that you are taking to know what to expect. You also need to understand the cultures and traditions of the country where you will be staying for a year or so. You will not feel overwhelmed upon arrival when you already have an idea about what will happen. Going on a short trip away from home will also help you prepare for a much longer student exchange programme.

Deciding to stay alone

You need to determine where you are going to stay throughout the exchange programme. You can ask your host school to help you decide. Usually, exchange students say in a dorm or a nearby apartment for convenience. Another option is to stay with a host family through a homestay programme. In doing so, you will not feel alone. You will not struggle because you are with a new family. You can share your problems with these people, and you will avoid getting depressed while away from home. One of the great tips for homestay students is that your host family will reach out to you, so you should also need to do the same. You are a member of the family once you commence the programme and not a random stranger renting a bedroom.

Be sure about studying overseas

Before commencing this journey, you need to ask yourself if it is the right option for you. If you are not confident that you will enjoy being a foreign student, you can suspend or cancel your plans. You can revisit the idea later when you are ready; otherwise, you will feel depressed throughout your stay, and you will decide to go home even before everything is over.

You still have time to think about your decision and prepare for the programme. Make sure that you are with an excellent school and you have a host family that is willing to accommodate you. Coordinate with your school officials regarding this intention to study abroad so they can help prepare you.

You will come home after this programme with lots of knowledge and skills that you can apply even when your studies are over. You might also forge lifelong friendships with other students that you will cherish.

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